Apollo 13 - Full mission 41 - The Checklist - Part 3

The reading up of the SM Jettison/LM jettison procedures and the entry checklist.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 42 - Still Looking for Fra Mauro

Updates to the checklists for the jettison of the SM and LM and entry sequences. The crew ends the PTC mode in preparation for MCC7.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 43 - MCC7 & SM SEP

The last mid course correction burn (MCC7) and the separation and subsequent photography/comments of the SM. Preparation is then made by the crew to get ready for LM jettison and powerup of the CM Odyssey.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 44 - Farewell Aquarius

The jettison sequence of the LM Aquarius.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 45 - Welcome Home

The re-entry, splashdown and recovery operations for Apollo 13.

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