Apollo 13 - Full mission 11 - Last TV

Day 3 continues with a TV transmission as Fred Haise and Jim Lovell inspect LM Aquarius (this telecast was not sown live on any US TV Network) .

Apollo 13 - Full mission 12 - Houston, We've Had A Problem

The first two hours of the crisis after the explosion of an oxygen tank in the SM, up to and including the shutdown of fuel cell #1.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 13 - Shutdown Odyssey

With power running out in the CSM the crew power up the LM and try to get the platform aligned using the current good platform numbers from Odyssey. Lovell then tries to manoeuvre the entire spacecraft combination with Aquarius' RCS.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 14 - Press Conference

A press conference takes place at approx 12.30 CST and is attended by Christopher Kraft (MSC Deputy Director) James McDivitt (Apollo Spacecraft Program Office Manager) and Sig Sjoberg (MSC Director of Flight Operations).

Apollo 13 - Full mission 15 - Free Return Burn

Plans and execution of the LM DPS burn to change course back to the free return trajectory.

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