Apollo 13 - Full mission 31 - Crossing into Earths Influence

Communications between the spacecraft and MCC with regard to procedures for the upcoming mid course correction, checks on the C02 problem and re-entry procedures.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 32 - 100 Hours

Crew communications with regard to power up of LM systems and the stopping of PTC prior to the upcoming MCC burn.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 33 - Odyssey Powerup Check

The powering up of CM Odyssey to check it's systems and preperations for the upcoming MCC burn.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 34 - The Infamous Manual Burn

The infamous manual burn with the LMs DPS engine. The crew also set up the PTC again and powerdown the LM.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 35 - Burst Discs & Master Alarms

The LM helium disc bursting event, the subsequent change in the PTC and the Master Alarms that alerted the crew to battery issues in the LM/CSM.

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