Apollo 13 - Full mission 26 - Press Conference

15th April Press Conference (right channel) and simultaneous communications with the spacecraft (left channel)

Apollo 13 - Full mission 27 - The CM is Getting Chilly

Fred Haise is watching while Lovell and Swigert tried to sleep in the CM

Apollo 13 - Full mission 28 - Turn Off the LRL

Conversations about the next mid course correction, venting and Earth re-entry.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 29 - A Square Peg in a Round Hole

The construction of the box that was needed to use the LMs CO2 scrubber recepticle with the CMs lithium hydroxide canisters.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 30 - Powerup Procedure

Discussions on powering up the spacecraft - and further instructions about the CO2 scrubbing system.

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