Apollo 13 - Full mission 21 - Prep for PC+2

The crew is getting ready for the PC+2 burn they were to perform after the lunar-flyby.

Apollo 13 - Full mission 22 - LOS

Last minutes before LOS. Contingency plans are made, in case the communication cannot be re-established after the fly-by

Apollo 13 - Full mission 23 - AOS & PCC+2

The Apollo 13 spacecraft re-emerges from behind the moon and starts to head back to Earth. Comments on lunar features and the PCC+2 burn of the LM DPS engine

Apollo 13 - Full mission 24 - Powerdown, PTC & CO2

Powerdown after PCC+2. The crew attempts to manoeuvre the spacecraft to PTC attitude. The CO2 buildup in the cabin

Apollo 13 - Full mission 25 - The Moon is Getting Smaller

Crew observations of the moon and CO2 build up.

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