Wernher Von Braun in Walt Disney's films (1955-1957)

After the publication of his articles on space exploration on Collier's magazine, Von Braun served as technical advisor on three space-related television films which Walt Disney produced in the 1950s to promote "Tomorrowland" section of Disneyland park in California. In all of three he makes a brief on-camera appearance.
For more informations read: The Disney-Von Braun Collaboration and Its Influence on Space Exploration by Mike Wright (Marshall Space Flight Center Historian) on MSFC website.

Man in Space (1955)

Von Braun explains how human voyage in space can be achieved.

"If we were to start today on an organized, well supported space program, I believe a practical passenger rocket could be built and tested within ten years"

Wernher Von Braun (1955)

Man and the Moon (1955)

Von Braun illustrates the building of a permanent space station as the first step in the preparation of the journey to the Moon.

Mars and Beyond (1957)

Ernst Stuhlinger and Von Braun appear without audio while a voice-over presents an atomic powered spaceship which will make possible a travel to Mars.

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