Statements of Neil Armstrong to the Committee on Science, Space and Technology (2011)

On September 22th, 2011 Neil Armstrong testified before the Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the House of Representatives, during a hearing about Nasa human spaceflight past, present, and future: Where do we go from here?. In the first part he commented a video documented his descent on lunar surface in 1969, then Apollo 11 Commander spoke about America’s human space exploration program.
The video recording of the whole hearing is available on the Commitee website

"We will have no American access to, and return from, low Earth orbit and the International Space Station for an unpredictable length of time in the future. For a country that has invested so much for so long to achieve a leadership position in space exploration and exploitation, this condition is viewed by many as lamentably embarrassing and unacceptable."

Neil Armstrong

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