Gene Kranz

1930–. In 1960 joined NASA Space Task Group at Langley Research Center. Flight Assistant Flight Director / Flight Director in Mercury, Gemini, Apollo programs. Deputy Director / Director of Flight Operations in Skylab and Space Shuttle Programs. Retired in 1994.

  • Oral history Interviews
  •   Interview by Roy Neal - March 19, 1998 - Read online (HTML) or download (PDF)
  •   Interview by Rebecca Wright - January 8, 1999 - Read online (HTML) or download (PDF)
  •   Interview by Roy Neal - April 28, 1999 - Read online (HTML) or download (PDF)
  •   Interview by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal Dickinson - December 11, 2011 - Read online (HTML) or download (PDF)
  • Articles and Books
  •   Gene Kranz, Failure Is Not an Option. Mission Control From Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond, Simon & Schuster, New York 2000 - Read online: Chapter 1, The Four-Inch Flight

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